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Mallorca Residencia

Mallorca Residencia - find your dream estate in Mallorca.
Mallorca Residencia is one of the leading real estate agencies in Mallorca. We sell exclusive properties, houses, villas, apartments, penthouses and luxury estate on the whole island of Mallorca. Our goal is to find the most suitable property for our clients by offering professional, exclusive and personal real estate service.

We have properties in all areas of Mallorca, not just in one city or region. Our clients don’t need to meet with several agencies, we find the right property through our extensive network.
Why Mallorca Residencia
We offer a full service to our clients before, during and after the purchase. We find the right property, help with financing and legal, facilitate the sales/purchase process. Afterwards, our Property Management team can take care of your property while you are away.

Real estate transactions are based on trust and long term relationship; therefore we believe that our best reference is our long list of satisfied customers. Why don’t you stop by for a coffee at our office.

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Mallorca Residencia - real estate, houses & apartments in Mallorca.
Mallorca Fastigheter - fastighetsmäklare, hus & lägenheter på Mallorca.
Mallorca Residencia - Immobilien-Agenturen auf Mallorca
Майорка Резиденция - недвижимости на Майорке


Exclusive, VIP & Luxury Members Only Club in Mallorca & Ibiza
The leading luxury Members Only Concierge Club in Mallorca & Ibiza. Providing Members with its luxury lifestyle management and concierge services, offering specialist advice, insider access and exclusive benefits.

In addition to our concierge service, our partners compose the wider MallorcaS. group, covering every facet of exclusive lifestyle, including Travel, Real Estate, Wine, Art, Luxury Retail, Events, Public Relations, Publishing and more.
Our Service
What’s more, a MallorcaS. Membership provides you with unlimited access to an unrivalled package of exclusive privileges, preferential rates and bespoke services, making us an indispensable asset in your life.
Our relationships, insider knowledge and industry exposure guarantee that we are able to deliver highest possible service.
Through our affiliated partnerships with production organizations, MallorcaS. offers VIP event access, Premier Event Access as well as VIP/Preferred seating options to the most exclusive events.
Due to the increase demand of personal assistant’s, MallorcaS. is proud to offer virtual assistant and concierge programs. Our virtual assistance programs are customized to fit each of our clients needs.
One of our service area is called Business Concierge Service. As the name suggests, it addresses only the companies and their staff. We offer a variety of services that make life easier.

SEO Ibérica

SEO Ibérica - Online Marketing agency on Mallorca
SEO Ibérica is an company focusing on online marketing Mallorca. We offer professional consulting and services to companies in search engine marketing, SEO, PPC, conversion optimzation and web design.

We want to help businesses in Mallorca to improve their visibility on the Internet. Whether you have a website targeting businesses or consumers, you can earn a lot to get a better presence on the internet.

SEO Ibérica is always ready to help you with your challenges in online marketing. Our concepts for the Mallorca market is SEO Mallorca, Sponsored Links Mallorca, Web Design Mallorca or E-commerce solutions Mallorca.
To reach the full potential in your online investments you need to think of the hole concept. From idea, analysis, implementation and follow-up.

The first hour is always free. Contact us today and we will book a meeting on the revision of the conditions for successful investment in online marketing. We gladly tell you more about our services in online marketing Mallorca!

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The Gist

Communication is everything – everything is communication
[The Gist] is a marketing & communications agency focusing on through 
strategy, design & development in creating effective marketing communication.

We have many areas of expertise and our knowledge base is very large.
Transfering an idea from one mind to another is not always easy. To be clear, analyse and engage as many senses as possible are our cornerstones of good communication.
Public Relations (PR)
[The Gist] get media to fill their content with our customers communication. PR is relations, we help you to create and maintain a good relationship.
Media / Advertising
[The Gist] help in the process from creative idea to design, production and the most important thing for us is that our customers succeed. Then we also succeeded.
Web / SEO
To achieve a goal, you must know what the goal is.
Consulting & Outsourcing
Are you entering a new project or do you need access to a certain expertise? We are happy to assist you in looking at your current project.

Web design Mallorca

We are a web design agency in Mallorca that create modern websites with WordPress as a base - the world's largest and most popular publishing platform.

We are passionate about smart design and coding using future technologies and generate noticeable effect!

1. Sophisticated web design and function
2. Modern code and techniques
3. Focus on business benefits
4. Search Engine friendly

We see a website as an investment for the customer to provide positive returns in one or more ways. It should, for example, directly or indirectly contribute to increased sales, strengthen their brand, attract new employees, etc. That’s why we focus on generating significant effect for any web project.

That, is good.

Responsive design Mallorca
Wordpress Mallorca
Web developer Mallorca
Web designer Mallorca


FindMallorca is a website with great information!
We show the best of Mallorca, how to find your way around to beaches, restaurants, viewing points and more.

Welcome to join!

Grabbarna Grus

Grabbarna Grus Original - most famous charter bar in Scandinavia!
Many have visited and know about Grabbarna Grus. Today you can find Grabbarna Grus in many parts of the world. But they have nothing to do with Grabbarna Grus Original. It can only be one that was first and that always will be first.
We are Grabbarna Grus Original that changed the charter world and with ground breaking ideas showed the way for comming generations.

Read more about our history and what is happening on our website: Grabbarna Grus Original

Haven Consultants
Avenida Gran Canal 11,
Pto Alcudia, 0700 Mallorca

Haven’s team of independent advisors have at their disposal a vast range of high level products thanks to our strategic alliances with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. This enables us to provide our clients with an independent higher level of service. Ensuring their needs are met and targets achieved is our priority. Providing our clients worldwide with Tax efficient offshore in vestments, retirement plans, ROPS/QROPS, University fee planning, FOREX, Expat health cover.

IH Spain – spanish school in spain

Now IH spain has opened the door for learning and speaking Spanish language with affordable price on Spain along with online course structure is giving the broad aspect for learning Spanish without staying in Spain

Lavin Estates

Real Estate Agent in Mallorca & Ibiza