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The Gist
The Gist

Communication is everything – everything is communication
[The Gist] is a marketing & communications agency focusing on through 
strategy, design & development in creating effective marketing communication.

We have many areas of expertise and our knowledge base is very large.
Transfering an idea from one mind to another is not always easy. To be clear, analyse and engage as many senses as possible are our cornerstones of good communication.
Public Relations (PR)
[The Gist] get media to fill their content with our customers communication. PR is relations, we help you to create and maintain a good relationship.
Media / Advertising
[The Gist] help in the process from creative idea to design, production and the most important thing for us is that our customers succeed. Then we also succeeded.
Web / SEO
To achieve a goal, you must know what the goal is.
Consulting & Outsourcing
Are you entering a new project or do you need access to a certain expertise? We are happy to assist you in looking at your current project.

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The Gist